Gerad AlvinGerad Alvin is the owner of Alvin’s Artistic Taxidermy. Born and raised in Flagstaff, he was brought up in the outdoors and hunting life style. He has also been creating wonderful works of art from a very young age.

As a successful hunter and outdoor enthusiast, he understands the natural behavior of wildlife and look of their surrounding habitat and applies that to every piece he creates. He learned the trade of taxidermy six years ago while working under the late Steve Favour of Signature Taxidermy Studio. Alvin also worked with Tim Rajsich of TR Taxidermy before he retired. Learning from two great taxidermist, both with thirty years of experience, Gerad has a great knowledge of the art.

Alvin is also a talented artist having won awards in art shows and been in multiple local galleries. His artwork is very detailed and lifelike and at first glance is often thought to be a photograph. Being an artist he has learned to use all types of media from pencil and paper to oil paint on canvas. Antler engraving, knife handles, pistol grips, and custom built lamps and tables are also in his list of can do’s.

In every aspect of the word “artistic” he is capable. From a one of kind custom mount, to a beautiful original painting, or a custom built coffee table, whatever it is you’re looking for he can create it.

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